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We pride ourselves in ensuring the purchasing and selling property is an exciting and enjoyable experience both for first time buyers and those developing land. 

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Understanding your needs

We ask questions and listen first and foremost in order to ensure that we fully understand your personal, professional and business goals. The outcome you seek to achieve is dependant on your goals. There is very rarely a one size fits all solution.

Our focus is ensuring that we fully appreciate what it is that needs to be achieved and precisely the areas in which our assistance may be required before providing you with strategic and individualised advice.


Ensuring the right fit

Once we understand your goals, ambitions, and desired outcomes we then craft the approach that best fits your circumstances. We then make sure that you are teamed with the right lawyer not only for your matter but also one that can achieve the outcome sought within your budget and time schedules.

Your lawyer needs to not only work for you but with you to keep you focussed on your goals and results. Your lawyer must be someone you trust to act in your best interests at all times even on the rare occasion where you may lose sight of what that may be.


Providing a tailored service

Once we understand fully how we can be of service to you and once we have paired you with your lawyer that is when we turn our attention towards each possible avenue and strategic pathway available to you in order to achieve your results on time and within your budget.

We believe that in order for you to best decide the next steps you need to be fully armed with all of the information, advantages, and disadvantages associated with each possible course of action. A tailored service by necessity requires a fully informed and holistically advised client.


Frequently asked questions

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What documents need to be prepared to sell my property?

To sell your property, a Contract of Sale and a Vendors’ Statement will need to be carefully drafted on your behalf.

A Vendor’s Statement is a legal document that must be provided prospective. It is important that the contents of your Vendor’s Statement are accurate otherwise a buyer may be able to cancel the Contract of Sale.

The Contract of Sale sets out the terms of the sale between the vendor and the purchaser and includes special conditions that cater to each property. It is important that a Contract of Sale is carefully crafted for each individual property to protect the vendor.

Once a purchaser has entered into a contract of sale, for any reason can they get out of it?

There are many ways that a purchaser can bring a Contract of Sale to an end but the most common are where the purchaser exercises the cooling off period; is unable to obtain finance or where the sale is subject to a building inspection report that is adverse.

What is the difference between a lawyer and a licensed conveyancer?

A conveyancer only performs conveyancing and a lawyer has a broader understanding of the law and will have knowledge beyond Property Law and Conveyancing. Lawyers are held to a higher professional standard and are subject to a regulatory body. In the event something were to go awry, then a lawyer would have the skills and knowledge base to advise and assist appropriately.

If I am selling property, what are my obligations?

Caveat emptor is a Latin phrase and the principle that the conveyancing process is based on, that can be loosely translated in English to “let the buyer beware.” Nevertheless, as the Vendor, you have an obligation to make disclosures in relation to the land as dictated by legislation, being section 32 of the Sale of Land Act 1962. It is important that the Vendor makes accurate disclosures in relation to the land, or they could face serious repercussions.

What is stamp duty or transfer duty?

In most instances, when you buy or acquire a property, you are required to pay land transfer duty (commonly known as stamp duty). The value of stamp duty payable is based on the value of the property and if you are eligible for any exemptions or concessions. Before purchasing a property, a purchaser should consider how much stamp duty will be payable as they will be required to meet the same at settlement.

What happens if the property is being transferred privately between family members?

Property can be transferred between family members with or without a Contract of Sale. Transfers between family still attract the payment of stamp duty and other tax implications. Some exemptions may apply in relation to transfers between spouses for example. It is important to obtain legal advice before transferring land, even between family members.

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