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We provide you with individual tailored advice specific to your needs to ensure the best possible outcomes. Our focus is substance over form. Our goal is to lose the legalese and ensure that you understand all of your options so that you are able to make the decision that best suits your personal and professional goals. 

We are here to support you

We value your time, energy and resources. We strive to help you achieve the best results in whatever form and shape that may be! Each client and each matter are unique and warrants discretion, priority treatment and attention. In this rapidly changing world we strive for efficiency, innovation, creative solutions and outcomes. We are a vibrant, authentic and energetic team that takes a holistic view to each dispute, matter and situation.

We listen and ask questions first and foremost so that we completely understand what it is you seek to achieve not only in relation to results but also in relation to costs. Ultimately, we seek to minimise costs and maximise benefit.

10+ Years of experience in various cases

We offer premium legal services with a personalised and individual approach to each and every matter. You are not just another client or file or number - you will be our main priority at all times and we will always protect and fight for you.

Our services

Commercial law

Commercially astute advice, strategy and documentation considering your individual
needs and goals.

Litigation & dispute

Protecting and advancing your
legal position to attain a viable, practical
and enforceable outcome.

Property law

Selling and buying residential land,
developments, subdivisions, joint venture
planning and advisory services.

Family & relationships law

Supporting and guiding you through
property settlements, negotiation, parenting,
maintenance and child support matters

Family violence & personal safety

Advising and appearing for you
in family violence and personal safety
intervention order matters.

Employment law

Protecting individual employees and
employers' positions during employment law

Estate planning

Ensuring that your estate is distributed
in accordance with your wishes in
a meaningful way.

Estate disputes

Advising and acting for claimants and
estates to ensure appropriate, fair
and equitable access.

Probate & administration

Assisting families in obtaining grants of
probate and administration as well as
assisting in distribution of the estate.


Understanding your needs

We ask questions and listen first and foremost in order to ensure that we fully understand your personal, professional and business goals. The outcome you seek to achieve is dependant on your goals. There is very rarely a one size fits all solution.

Our focus is ensuring that we fully appreciate what it is that needs to be achieved and precisely the areas in which our assistance may be required before providing you with strategic and individualised advice.


Ensuring the right fit

Once we understand your goals, ambitions, and desired outcomes we then craft the approach that best fits your circumstances. We then make sure that you are teamed with the right lawyer not only for your matter but also one that can achieve the outcome sought within your budget and time schedules.

Your lawyer needs to not only work for you but with you to keep you focussed on your goals and results. Your lawyer must be someone you trust to act in your best interests at all times even on the rare occasion where you may lose sight of what that may be.


Providing a tailored service

Once we understand fully how we can be of service to you and once we have paired you with your lawyer that is when we turn our attention towards each possible avenue and strategic pathway available to you in order to achieve your results on time and within your budget.

We believe that in order for you to best decide the next steps you need to be fully armed with all of the information, advantages, and disadvantages associated with each possible course of action. A tailored service by necessity requires a fully informed and holistically advised client.

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About our founder

Rebecca Cohrssen

Rebecca recognises that in order to truly support clients they need strategic and sound advice and assistance for personal as well as commercial and business needs.

Rebecca founded Cohrssen partners with the sole vision of creating an environment where her clients feel heard, supported, advised and secure knowing that they have a strong team in their corner who is acting with their best interests at heart.

Rebecca applies her passion for the law, and unfaltering determination for results, to each and every one of her client matters. No stone is ever left unturned in her desire to help, guide and support them along in their journey. She is a straight shooter with killer wit, and heels to match. Rebecca is a listener first and foremost; she takes the time to fully understand a client’s needs and wants before talking about strategies that may be adopted.

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